Publication of collective work: Meeting adolescents in uncertain environments

This collective work brings together the contributions of speakers, teacher-researchers and practitioners to the first international conference in educational sciences on the theme of contemporary adolescence in connection with the question of its environments. This conference took place on June 4 and 5, 2015 at the University of Picardy Jules Verne in Amiens and was organized by the CAREF (Amiénois Center for Research in Education and Training).

The works presented here are the expression of a plurality of approaches and have in common the desire to recognize, beyond the analysis of the experiences of adolescents, the effects produced on today’s adolescent subjects. by the environments, and more particularly by the school environment.

Indeed, this research shows that the situations in which adolescents are assigned to live sometimes obstruct their access to an “intermediate experience area” (Winnicott) allowing them to learn to “process” the instinctual elements internally. that can invade them, before externalizing them in a form acceptable to others. Based on their unique approach, the authors attempt to suggest hypotheses on the possible position of professionals in supporting adolescents and ways of opening up the world to them so that they can take place. Hence a central issue: that of “making society”.

This work constitutes a valuable introduction to a dotted line in the current of clinical psychoanalytic orientation in the field of education and training.

Antoine Kattar, clinical psychosociologist, is a university professor of educational sciences at the Université de Picardie Jules Verne, at the CAREF laboratory and at the Espé at the Amiens academy. He implemented the international interdisciplinary research network ACEI (Contemporary Adolescence and Uncertain Environment). He is a member of the board of the Cliopsy association and of the executive committee of the journal Carrefours de l’Education.

Contributors to this book: Joëlle Bordet, Arnaud Dubois, Laurence Gavarini, Patrick Geffard, Philippe Gutton, Danielle Hans, Françoise Hatchuel, Mej Hilbold, Dimyanos Kattar, Caroline Le Roy, Gilles Monceau, Ilaria Pirone, Émile-Henri Riard.